About Nissin (U.K.) Ltd.

We offer solutions including long and short term storage, picking and packing, delivery by time slot or synchronised Just in Time with full logistical support. These services are incorporated within our proven computerised Warehouse Management System which provides full history and traceability, full bar-coding, FIFO control and real time monitoring. To meet and exceed the highest standards, and to accurately control stock levels with full FIFO traceability, we have developed our own advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS).

This system is combined with Radio Frequency Scanning and Barcode Labelling which complement our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services. The warehouse at the London Office offers a range of services. In addition to serving as a transit warehouse for inbound and outbound cargo we currently operate a storage and distribution operation for clients dealing in a diverse range of products. The premises are protected by a comprehensive security system which includes a monitored CCTV system.